Consultant Technical Communication

Creating an efficient and easy to use technical manual environment and improving technical trainings, that's where Gerard can be of service.

Conveying technical information in an easy to follow manner consists at its core of good training materials and excellent manuals. In both areas, Gerard has over 25 years of experience. Magic in Communication is a communication company build on practical knowledge. Gerard du Buf has been working for many different technical companies in the documentation and training area.

His specialty is the communication of all things technical, both verbally and in writing. Usually in English, but Dutch is fine as well! Gerard's multi-day training course designed for experienced technical trainers is logically called Train the Trainer. An idea for your company?

Gerard du Buf Referenties
On this page you will find more information on what Gerard can do for you.
Of course there are references available
If you have any questions I invite you to send me a message via the contact form or call me at 06 5518 2487.

I look forward to meet you.

With kind regards,

Gerard du Buf
Senior Technical Writer
Technical 'Train the Trainer' Trainer

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    Magic in Communication

    Gerard is:
    • Available to support you as a trainer, author or consultant
    • Freelancer, meaning you will only pay the productive hours and without overhead costs
    • Available for smaller companies with e.g. 1 day per week support
    • Experienced and therefore a good sparring partner or reviewer
    • Trained in the PBET method (Performance Based Equipment Training)
      Gerard also gives Train the Trainer training for technical trainers
    • Experienced with several editors, including DITA. As well as FrameMaker, TIM and Ixiasoft

    Courses include:
    • Mechanical Engineering (Ing.) - Hogeschool Utrecht
    • NLP Trainer - IEP and NTI-NLP
    • Various shorter courses such as Project Work, TimeManagement, QualityManagement

    And practical experience as:
    • Worldwide Supervisor Manuals & Training at Fico Molding systems
    • Chairman of the COR and OR for 8 years (Central Works Council)
    • Technical Trainer with many years traveling worldwide to give a technical training to customers like Siemens, Motorola, IBM, Intel, AVX, ...